Online Classes or In-Class Training: What’s More Successful?


With a lot of emphases today on the growing need for online classes, the one doubt that lingers in the mind of most people is that which is better: Online or In-Class? Should you go in for Mobe Products or any other in-class learning? This article will show some light from this perspective. There are many other ways in which the internet is making a difference to a business. You can get more information about it in

With a lot of web conferencing tools available these days, it is more of a convenience that it is possible to conduct online training which is beneficial for all the students who are remote and still looking to gain the same knowledge as in-class training. In some cases, online classes are preferred whereas in some instances in-class training; some students also prefer the blended version as well. Here is an explanation of the pros and cons and how you can combine them to get the best effective training.

Classroom training
Most of us have experienced classroom training either in our school or college life. These are ideal for smaller group and are essential when the training demands active interaction, teamwork, and other nonverbal communication methods. Training that requires role-playing or simulations which are most critical sessions for people in sales needs to be in a classroom. The only downside is that, when there is more number of participants, then these training are not effective and it becomes difficult for a student to travel to physical locations and not benefit from it.

Live internet
The online training that is available today is more flexible and cost-effective in comparison to in-class training. Most of these training programs use web conferencing platform. This is ideal for sending across broadcasting messages like that of an announcement made by a CEO or a discussion made by an HR director on the recent benefits program. However, the problem is that all members have to be online at that particular time for the session. There is a possibility open internet slow down failure; in such cases, the live internet training may not be successful. Sharing of big videos and audios might also impact the quality of the training.

Self-paced internet training
The on-demand e-learning option which is done through cloud-based software in which the training can be uploaded into templates and developed into multimedia courses. The main advantage of this type of training is that participants can view the training program at their convenient time and if needed they can also review some sessions which baby want some clarity. Internet Training is said to be more cost effective and the most convenient option that is available today. The only disadvantage is that there is no opportunity for any direct interaction or feedback from the users.

In addition to the options given above, blended learning is also becoming a reality today. In this learning, both in class and on-demand training or incorporated into the curriculum. In some cases even live internet training are made available.