Have A Smooth And Fast Shave With Electric Shavers

Electric Shavers

Shaving has been an age-old self-grooming practice among the men. Traditionally razors with blades were available, which was used for wet shaving by applying shaving foam or soap and then delicately using these sharp blades to remove the facial hair. Since manual shavers work close to the skin, chances of cuts, irritation or septic are higher. The new age shaving device which is easy to use, fast and less prone to causing cuts are electric shavers. These shavers have risen in popularity due to multi-functionality and better efficiency over wet shavers. One of the hottest product is braun series 7, which has a tremendous demand in the market.

Since nowadays men have become more conscious about their look, various styles have been trending like stubble look, clean shave, thick beard, etc. And hence they need versatile shaving device which can be used to maintain different styles. Few benefits of using electric shave as per the survey were done on www.engadget.com are:

• Saves time: In today’s world of fast-paced life, electric shavers prove to be very handy to use. Since these do not require any other components like aftershaves, shaving foam, water, etc. these can be used anywhere and anytime. Also, due to a smart designing, it smoothly moves along the face cut and finishes the job faster than manual shavers.
• Best choice for sensitive skin: Since these devices don’t work too close to the skin, people having sensitive skin can be rest assured that there are no cuts or infection caused.
• Flexibility and add-on features: New age shaving machines have some really attractive features like shaving in the shower, trimmer attachment to trim the beard, etc.

Considerations before purchasing an electric shaver
The electric shaver is to be chosen based on certain requirements. Primarily think of how often you shave. If daily, then foil shavers are required. If one wants to just trim the beard or want a stubble look, probably rotary shavers are needed. Secondly, the power supply option should be checked out. There are two types of power options. Battery operated which is portable but low in efficiency as the battery drains out fast if used for daily purpose. Plug-in charger type which needs to be charged before every use but is once charged last for an hour.

Another choice to be made is between wet and dry shavers. If you have a sensitive skin and prefer applying foam or gel before using shaver, then you need to go in for high-end models which are compatible to be used in wet space like in the shower or with shaving cream. Another less important factor is the grip and feels when holding a shaver. Its always better to try holding it up in your hand and analyze the comfort.

Maintenance and blade replacement is very important from the hygiene point of view. Foil shavers are easier to clean then rotary shavers. Some expensive high-end shavers come with inbuilt cleaning mechanism. Like traditional razors, blades in electronic shaver also have a life. Therefore, one should inquire if extra set of blades or rotary head are provided
Lastly but most important is the price factor. Although going in for cheaper options may be attractive, but the quality and life of these are comparatively less. Expensive razors may feel costly, but hey last longer and are better performance wise. One should not compromise on the quality and hygiene-related issues while buying an electric shaver.