Tung Oil And Its List Of Benefits

tung oil

There are many types of oils being used for woodwork finish. Tung oil is one of them. Also called China Wood Oil, it is extracted from the kernels of the seed of the Tung tree. This tree grows in a cooler climate but can also withstand up to subtropical climates. Some of the producers are China, Paraguay, Argentina, USA, and Brazil. If you want to know how the tung oil finish works well on wood, you can read about it below in this post. Tung has been in China for about 100 years. It is used in China for preserving the wood finish. The oil protects the wood by penetrating the material and then hardens to create a water repulsive layer.

Impervious Finish
Tung oil gives a dark wet color to the wood. It also highlights the grains of the wood. The layer created by the tung wood oil is highly impervious to alcohol, dust, acetone and other acids. The protective layer formed by the tung oil works well for the wood furniture that stays above and below the soil level. However, it does not make the wood highly durable. Tung oil is mainly used for enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Tung oil is ideal to use on the surface, where the food items come to contact. This is because this oil produces the nontoxic finish. The wood items like cutting boards, salt, salad bowls can benefit a lot with Tung oil.

The tung oil makes the wood resistant to water, acetone, alcohol and other fruits and vegetable acids. This oil is also flexible that it can ensure the protection when the wood contracts and expands due to climate change. This oil easily enhances the aesthetic appeal of the wood surface. This oil is easy to apply and also easy to re-apply. You should keep in mind that the pure tung oil is only non-toxic and not the thinned variations.

Modified Tung Oil
Modified tung oil is not the real tung oil. The modified version of tung oil includes less expensive additives that provide the benefit of real tung oil for a low price. One of the disadvantages of tung oil is that it requires proper curing after the application. Polymerized tung oil is one of the inventions in the market to make the curing easier.

You should take few precautions when using the tung oil. Make sure that the rags are properly disposed of. Tung oil is not harmful, but the added thinner is flammable and toxic. Therefore, fire accidents can happen with the dried rags.

Before you start applying the oil, you should prepare the wood surface. This is because the tung oil can easily highlight the blemishes and unsightly spots. You can prepare the wood surface by sanding with the fine sandpaper.

If you want to remove the tung oil before curing, then flood the surface with tung oil thinner and rub the same with the steel wool. Nowadays, tung oil is easily available than before. You can search the Internet to find the sellers of this oil. Make sure that you always buy good quality oil.