yerba mate tea

When it’s time to rise and shine, most of you would feel that you need a cup brimming over with a whole lot of boosting energy. It feels great to get all the mental stimulation you need early in the morning. Yerba Mate Tea is one such drink that has it all. Check out the reviews in as well as on sites like You will find that this drink is gaining much popularity due to its beneficial properties.

What Really Is Yerba Mate Tea?
This is a South American drink which gives you the goodness of coffee, tea and chocolate- altogether. It is a traditional drink which is very popular in South America. Known as the drink of Gods, the Europeans later went on to call it the Green gold of Indios.
Prepared from the native plant of South America, Ilex paraguariensis, Yerba Mate is fast becoming a well known beverage.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Yerba Mate Tea?

1: You experience a smooth increase in energy
Like you feel stimulated when you have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, having a cup of Yerba Mate tea gives you a mild awakening feel. You become alert; however it does not interfere with your sleep routine. It is also known to treat chronic fatigue symptoms. There are rumors that this product does not contain caffeine. However this is not true. It has in fact slightly higher levels of caffeine than tea. But the levels of caffeine are less than that in coffee.

2:It helps stimulate and keeps the brain alert
A cup of Yerba mate tea a day helps to boost all your mental functions. You will feel the difference in a few days. The entire mental outlook will be energized and focused on the positivity in life. You become smart, Creative, focused, and productive. There will be no more lagging behind in daily routine due to depression or low moods. Moreover you get an energy boost as well as enhanced memory retaining power. When people feel alert and happy, they tend to be more motivated as a higher content of dopamine is released in the body. As Yerba mate tea contains related amounts of caffeine,theobromine and theophylline, which help to elevate your mood as in the case of green tea.

3: Yerba mate tea has been known as a nutritional powerhouse

You will be surprised to see how many vitamins and minerals are packed in this drink. It is a storehouse of energy giving minerals and vitamins. The long list is as below
Vitamin A
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, And B5
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Phytonutrients Like Tannins
Trace Minerals
15 Amino Acids

Try out this wonder drink and see how positive your outlook becomes. It is harmless and improves the wellbeing of those who consume it regularly. Switch on to this drink and see the results for yourself.

5 Healthy Diet Plans Popular Around The World


Atkins diet, Vegan diet, South Beach diet, Raw Food diet and the list goes on. If you are wondering if these are food habits practiced in the ancient ages, wait a minute. These are a list of the popular diets that are followed around the world. Should you skip the eggs for breakfast or include tofu in your salad? To answer your queries read Jade’s Diet Blog or address your weight issues with doctors on

Which is the right diet plan for you? Here are five healthy diets charted out for you.

Low-Carb Diet
As is evident from the name, this diet restricts consumption of food products rich in carbs. You are encouraged to have food rich in protein, fiber, and fat. According to studies, a low-carb diet helps reduce weight and improves your health too. If you follow this diet, you can eat fish, tubers like potatoes and nuts. Avoid the intake of sugary items like pastries and reduce the use of seed oils in cooking.

Eat dark chocolate and drink wine in moderation while you are on a low-carb diet.

Mediterranean Diet
Next on the menu is the healthy Mediterranean Diet that includes traditional foods from Italy and Greece. It has been scientifically proven that this diet can aid in weight loss and can prevent type 2 diabetes. If you are keen on following this diet plan, remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and whole grains. Limit the intake of red meat or avoid food that is rich in sugar.

Stay away from those delicious candies, white bread and trans fat found in all processed foods. Include tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber daily. Legumes like beans, peanuts, and peas can be had by themselves or mixed with other nuts in a healthy salad.

Paleo Diet
One of the healthiest forms of diet, it helps you stay strong and lean through the use of unprocessed foods. A typical Paleo meal would include plenty of omega-3 rich foods like salmon, shrimp, and meat like chicken and pork. Add broccoli, peppers, pears, avocado and toss them in a bowl. Add a bit of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle Himalayan salt. You have a bowl of superfood rich in anti-oxidants and a powerhouse of energy.

Include green tea or coffee if you are feeling thirsty.

Vegan Diet
In the past few years, the Vegan Diet has gained popularity because an increasing number of people have turned to vegetarianism. Whether it is for ethical concerns or health issues, the Vegan Diet has to its credit a range of health benefits.

This form of diet includes the consumption of natural food like fruits and lentils and is devoid of poultry like chicken or eggs. You can find other variants like 80/10/10 vegan diet that relies on raw fruits and vegetables. The starch solution, Raw till 4, junk-food vegan diet are practiced based on personal choice and eating habits.

Gluten-Free Diet
The primary aim of this diet is to reduce the intake of gluten from your diet. Avoid wheat in all forms and eat omega-3 rich eggs, salmon, and broccoli. Your food should include items that have zero presence of gluten in them.

Chalk out a diet based on your eating preference and health conditions. A slim waistline will no longer seem a distant dream when you set clear goals for yourself.